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Powerful file management tools are used to enable easy and fast access to your servers files, something essential to keep a server running at its best potential. As your server is hosted outside of your computer, you must use an FTP client to access your server files when making edits to configuration files or installing new plugins. In this article we go over some (free) FTP clients, as well as configuration editors that enable you to streamline the editing process with advanced tools such as syntax highlighting and suggestive text. 


Ftp Clients:
  • WinSCP - The perfect companion to PuTTy in a system administrators life, WinSCP is a fast and robust companion.
  • FileZilla - An open source, fast and versatile FTP client with powerful features and a nice interface.

Config Editors:
  • Notepad++ - A highly recommended and powerful alternative to the windows default "notepad" editor. May not include all the bells and whistles of other programs, but is fast, efficient and highly robust program.


We do not provide support for any Mac file management tools, even those listed below.

Ftp Clients:

  • FileZilla - Available on all platforms. A fast and versatile FTP client with powerful features and a nice interface.

Config Editors:

  • Sublime Text - The lightweight customisable Text Editor of choice. Has a default YAML editor mode that activates when editing Config Files for suggestive text and syntax highlighting.
  • Atom - A very powerful and customisable text editor with packages and support for almost anything.
  • Textmate - A very lightweight, quick edits type text editor and common replacement for the mac default text editor.

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